Aleksei Serebryakov was born July 3 1964. He studied at the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS is the oldest and largest theatre school in Russia. It was founded in 1878). He was 12 years old when he had his first leading role in the film. When he graduated from the high school, he already had had 6 credits as a principal actor in well-known movies.

For several years, starting from 1986, Aleksei worked at the Oleg Tabakov’s theatre. In 1991 Aleksei decided to continue his career mainly as a film actor. Since then his filmography includes more than 150 works.


The series "Doctor Richter": actors and roles, the plot, reviews

The series "Doctor Richter" from 2016 collectsaround himself rumors and expectations of the audience. And the first responses of film critics. In fact, it is an adaptation of the well-known in America film "Doctor House". The film was directed by Andrey Proshkin, who gained fame due to such films as "Horde" and "Translator". A multi-part film is made in the genre of drama with comedy elements. The release of the series is planned on the channel "Russia 1" in autumn 2017.

The film tells about the work of doctors whoare engaged in diagnostics, that's why there was a need for specialist consultations. The project was coordinated by TV Shapovalenko, who holds the post of deputy chief doctor of the medical and rehabilitation center of the Russian Ministry of Health. The actors of the series "Doctor Richter" always listened to Tatyana's remarks. And the writers made edits to the already written texts.

The protagonist, Dr. Richter, sufferschronic pain, which is saved only by an opioid analgesic. Richter is a talented diagnostician, he is taken only for the most complicated and incomprehensible cases. He is cynical, harsh, he is a rebel, can not build long-term relationships with people. Because of this, it gets to everyone, bites fly to colleagues, friends and subordinates of Dr. Richter. The plot of the film is based on the work and life of doctors involved in diagnostics. They, as detectives, are trying to identify the symptoms and traces of the offender - the disease, so that it becomes possible to make a diagnosis.

The theme of love is revealed through the romantic relationship of the diagnostician Richter with the chief doctor Nikolskaya and his ex-wife, Natalya's lawyer.


The eight-part McMafia is unusual in mainstream television-making in having a cast of international actors in major roles, often speaking in their own languages. Many are famous in their own countries, but little-known to English-speaking audiences. With the exception of American actor David Strathairn, who plays a shadowy Israeli mogul, Russians (and one Georgian) play Russians, Israelis play Israelis, Indians play Indians and the British play the British.

Because the story takes place across multiple countries and nationalities, it was important, Watkins said, to have a cast that was "ethnically right." The roster of sterling actors includes Merab Ninidze (who plays Kalygin, an ex-KGB officer-turnedmafioso), Maria Shukshina, Serebryakov, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kirill Pirogov and Cohen.

"I had never seen or read a script that was fully international in that way," said Norton, who is well known in the U.K. for playing a psychopathic killer in Happy Valley and a crimesolving vicar in Grantchester. (His in- ternational recognition may soon be increasing, as the British news media have excitedly pegged him as a favourite to be the next James Bond.)

One of the best aspects of working on the series, he said, was the interaction with actors from all over the world. "They all brought their own craft and energies," he said. "It made me realize that English actors are a little bit bashful, we mark a bit in rehearsal, hold back. The Russians are zero to 60 from the first moment, and the Israelis — we are so polite in the U.K. — they are just like, no, this script isn’t right. It was pretty exciting."

Season two of McMafia is officially going ahead after the BBC announced it had recommissioned the thriller for another run.

McMafia creators Hossein Amini and James Watkins said: "We are so thrilled with how McMafia has resonated with audiences across the world and are delighted to be given the opportunity to cast more light on the shady intersections of transnational criminals and their enablers in finance, law, intelligence agencies and even in governments."

Russian Dr. house will play Aleksey Serebryakov

Media holding VGTRK and channel “Russia 1” will soon begin filming the first official remake of one of the most popular TV series of the XXI century.

The main role of an eccentric doctor in the Russian version will be performed by the actor Alexey Serebryakov.

Recall that “Dr. house” received a lot of film and teleprime, including several “Emmy” and “Golden globes”. Premiere of the first series on television took place in 2004. All eight seasons was a huge success with the audience. The series entered the Guinness Book of records – was seen by over 80 million people.

The plot – work and life team of doctors-diagnosticians. Each series – a fascinating, almost detective plot: the villain is a disease, and detectives are doctors trying to establish the diagnosis. The main role of the talented, cynical and witty Dr. house played by British actor Hugh Laurie.

In the Russian version of the protagonist Aleksei Serebryakov.

— For us this is a serious challenge – to create their own version of this famous TV series, – says General Director of TV channel “Russia 1”. — As a rule, neither the professionalism of the producers, no famous actors, no invested funds do not guarantee absolute success when it comes to local remakes. There is always a pair of “secret components” that make the show outstanding, and we know how to make them work”.

Shooting the series will begin in April, and the first season will be aired on the channel “Russia 1” to the end of this year.


2015We, Brothers (post-production)
2014Liompa (Short) (completed)
2015Moscow Never Sleeps
2014Ladoga (TV Mini-Series)
2013Agent (TV Series)
2012Skazka. Est
2012Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg
2012Belaya gvardiya (TV Mini-Series)
2012Voennyy gospital (TV Mini-Series)
2011Zabytyy (TV Mini-Series)
2011Zhila-byla odna baba
2011Za toboy
2011Ohotniki za brilliantami (TV Series)
2010Okhotniki za karavanami (TV Movie)
2010Svyaz vremyon
2010The Golden Mean
2010Glukhar v kino
2009Muzhchina v moey golove (TV Movie)
2009Isaev (TV Series)
2009Shpilki (TV Movie)
2009Obitaemyy ostrov. Skhvatka
2009Terroristka Ivanova (TV Mini-Series)
2009Obitaemyy ostrov
2008Chetyre vozrasta lyubvi (segment "Leto")
2008Odin den (TV Movie)
2008Na kryshe mira
2007Svoi deti (TV Movie)
2007Kod apokalipsisa
2007Zakon myshelovki (TV Mini-Series)
2007Smert shpionam! (TV Series)
2007Cargo 200
2007Pismo (Short)
20069 Months (TV Mini-Series)
20059th Company
2005Blind Man's Bluff
2005The Second Front
2005Deti Vanyukhina (TV Mini-Series)
2004The Penal Battalion (TV Mini-Series)
2003Antikiller 2: Antiterror
2003Bayazet (TV Series)
2001Shatun (TV Movie)
2001Parizhskiy antikvar (TV Mini-Series)
2000Banditskiy Peterburg: Advokat (TV Mini-Series)
1999Tonkaya shtuchka
1999Testy dlya nastoyashchikh muzhchin
1998Zhestkoe vremya
1996Bolse vita
1995Pribytie poezda (segment "Excercise No.5")
1995Zona Lyube
1994Serp i molot
1993Ivan & Abraham
1992Patrioticheskaya komediya
1992Tantsuyushchiye prizraki
1992Vysshaya mera
1991Afghan Breakdown
1991Kremlevskiye tayni XVI veka
1991Obnazhyonnaya v shlyape
1991Le flic de Moscou (TV Series)
1990Vozvrashchenie v Zurbagan
1990Sluchaynyy Vals
1990Morskoy volk (TV Series)
1989Smirennoye kladbishche
1988Posle voyny - mir
1987Zabavy molodykh
1986Obvinyayetsya svadba
1986Tikhaya zastava
1985Posledniy pobeg
1983Smotri v oba!
1980Alye pogony
1979Otets i syn
1978Pozdnyaya yagoda (as Alyosha Serebryakov)
1973Vechnyy zov (TV Series)

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